6 Ways to Save Money at the Cinemas

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We all love going to the movies. It’s not the idea of seeing the only latest blockbuster but – it’s the two hours of mindless entertainment summed up with a tub of popcorn and a coke. It’s pretty much heaven for us. Isn’t it?

What actually pricks us the most is the cost. Every year, box office prices go up, and going to a movie theatre today seems to be a hefty affair. So paying Rs.100 for a mere popcorn bucket sounds ridiculous.

So, what should a movie-lover do when the urge for popcorn and a movie strikes? Theaters generally don’t make coupons or other giveaways available, but it’s possible to lower the cost of a movie without doing anything against the rules (We are talking about those simple yet hidden tricks which can actually save you from getting a big hole in your pocket.) Heading to the movies can be a total fun-filled activity, whether you bring the kids, or are on a date.


Here are some ways to save money at the movies….

  1. Buy tickets at the box office:

Buying tickets online is comfortable, right? But good things don’t come for free. You get charged extra for that comfort you enjoy! Most ticket booking sites charge Rs.20 to 50 for you to use the service, which make your tickets even more expensive than they are. So next time when a blockbuster movie hits the theaters, avoid paying those extra charges and head towards the box-office.

  1. Go for a released film:

Going for first day shows or over a weekend for a just released film, can cost you exorbitantly high.

Instead, go for an already released film whose buzz is about to fade. Patience always pays you well, so calm your horses down and wait for the prices to fall.

  1. Avoid experience based movies:
    We all know that 3D movies are the newest gimmick to get the flock to the theater, and the movie watching process seems to be more exciting. But the hard truth is you have to pay a premium for it. Instead go for a 2D movie for which you have to shell less bucks.

We are not against watching 3D movies but you need to check its relevance and worth before going for it.

  1. Eat Beforehand:

                                 Popcorn or the samosas at the theater cafe are often mouth-watering but the prices do not fail to give a jaw-dropping experience to all of us. Munching on food at the movies, can surely cost you a hole in your pocket.

The best practice is that arrange food for yourself, before going to the movie. It is against the rules of the theatres if you sneak food inside and that’s exactly what we are not advising, but you can dine out in a restaurant or have food from your home before heading towards the cinemas.

  1. Group Deals can save you:

There many group deal websites which provide you Koovs,DealsforYou.com,Ebay,etc. which can provide you with tickets at flat rate or some discounts on a ticket for a movie. Since it’s difficult to get cheap tickets for particular theaters, you can look for deals instead of ticketing websites like bookmyshow.com. It’s perfect when you’re lining up a date night with your partner; you’ll get a code which you have to enter in the ticketing website or show it at the box office.

  1. Sign Up With the Theater Online:

                                                        Booking tickets from third party websites can be very comfortable for you, but you will get charged extra for this comfort.

Signing up with the theaters directly can give you much better offers firsthand itself. You can easily subscribe to their newsletters or become a member, later you will be informed prior to any offer getting launched. Also following them on social media sites like- Facebook or Twitter can help you keep informed about the various deals going on currently on movies.


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